First off, I made a mistake yesterday and forgot who it was Ember is suspicious of. So I gave you a photo of a paragraph from the book about someone completely different. BUT, you would have information about that NPC as well. So, background information for you, will become important at some point in the game:

Marlos Urnrayle began life as a human aristocrat, born into a wealthy Cormyrean family. He squandered his family’s wealth on endless self-indulgence, seeking more questionable forms of entertainment through the years. The Urnrayle estate became known as a place of outrageous masquerades, bizarre banquets, and grotesque orgies. Marlos required his guests to don ugly or monstrous masks, thus ensuring that no one’s beauty would outshine his own. After many years, Marlos became the talk of the North for a sudden removal of all his physical imperfections, and all who met him were swayed by his beauty. Then, it seemed even more suddenly, Marlos vanished without a trace, along with his collection of masks. He hasn’t been heard from for years.

Now, the person you’re actually suspicious of is someone completely different:

Thurl Merosska used to be a griffon rider of Waterdeep, but retired early after a storm nearly claimed his life. However, the experience didn’t dampen his love of aerial mounts; on the contrary, he’s been adding many of the wealthy of Waterdeep to the roster of his Feathergale Society. He’s a well-built human in his early fifties. He likes to emboss feather motifs into his armor and weapons. He’s chivalrous and outgoing towards any of the nobility. Thurl has always held very little interest for his lands and income, leaving all of that in the hands of underlings; over the last few years, he’s spent more and more time at a sporting retreat in the Sumber Hills (Dessarin Valley). You became suspicious of him this last season because whenever he returned from sporting, instead of just bringing back hunting trophies, he always seemed to have a new, expensive gemstone, or new fancy armor, and his parties have become even more lavish – but you know for a fact that his publicly-known income has only decreased. The tipping point came at a party when you saw Merosska huddling with his “Feathergale Knights” and exchanging a strange hand signal with them as they left.


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